Salobrena weather, Salobrena climate, rainfall, temperatures, holiday weather and general weather conditions for Salobrena, Costa Tropical in Spain 

Salobrena weather, Salobrena climate, rainfall, temperatures, holiday weather and general weather conditions for Salobrena, Costa Tropical in Spain
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From Katy Burrows
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Taken November 2009
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Salobrena is a small, bustling little town on the Costa Tropical on Spain's Mediterranean Coast in Andalucia. Locals refer to Salobreña as
"The Village" because until about 2001 it was exactly that.
The Village has however, now come of age and in recent years expanded into the most charming little town on the Costa Tropical. Although growth has been rapid - it has been carefully controlled by a youthful planning team at the town hall.
The end result is a friendly well preserved and welcoming place. Salobreña is populated almost entirely by families that have lived here for generations. The community swells considerably in the summer months with an influx of visitors from inland Spain, Madrid, Jaen, Granada and farther afield.

Salobreña is in the Province of Granada, 70km east of Malaga and 50km south of Granada City, lying between warm sea and mountains that progressively increase in height to peak at about 3km near to Granada.

Salobrena therefore enjoys an interesting micro-climate with weather conditions that tend to be sunnier and more temperate than that which is typical of the region. Until now there has been little weather documentation available. is specifically concerned with Salobrena's excellent climate and interesting local weather patterns, local sea state, temperature, rainfall, sunshine, sea breezes ( al brisas ) and weather extremes.

On average, Salobrena can expect up to 320 sunny days per year.

Since 2001 and the BBC programme "Home in the Sun" visited the area we have seen a marked increase in foreign investment which until that time was negligible. Primarily British nationals and other North Europeans are finding Salobrena a desirable place to live and work as well as for retirement.
"Salobreña Village" remains a place with a real soul. To enjoy the area a visitor should try to learn a little Spanish as not much English is spoken here.

Our interest is in the Costa Tropical, it's weather conditions and how they affect life in the area which includes Motril, Carchuna, Almunecar & La Herradura. Other websites offer good general information to visitors and residents.
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We welcome you to and hope you enjoy your visit - please return often for forecasts & updates.
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Salobrena sunset
Incorporating La Herradura, Almuñeca, Motril, Carchuna, Castel de Ferro and the Alpujarra region from the Costa Tropical to Granada

Salobrena, Costa Tropical weather & climate

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Rainbow over salobrena
Rainbow over Salobreña
From H McClen Newcastle
Taken April 2006
Salobrena castle in the mist
Salobreña Castle in the mist
From D Roberts Scunthorpe
Taken September 2006
salobrena snow over the sea
Salobreña snow at sea
From Marie-Élise, Le Havre
Taken January 2005
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fishing offshore Salobreña
Salobreña sunrise
From Sylvie & Jürgen, Germany
Taken September 2006
Salobrena sunset
Fishing offshore Salobreña
From Austin Psailla, Malta
Taken Oct. 2006
Fishing at sunset on the pier at La Caleta de Salobreña December 8th 2006 - click to enlarge
Salobrena Sunset Nov. 2006
From Rosemarie Smith Dublin
Taken Oct. 2006
Desktop download for Salobrena sunrise
Fishing in La Caleta
From Charles Shaw
Camberley, Surrey, England
Taken December 2006
Salobrena beach at Romeria
View from Motril golf course to the snow covered western hills of Salobreña
Salobreña & the Western Hills - Xmas Eve, 2006
From our editor.
Taken from Motril Golf Course.
Christmas Eve 2006
Salobrena family on horseback, Salobrena beach 2006
Salobreña family on horseback
From C Sensuic, Rumania
Taken Romeria 2006
Duck pond at Parque Fuente in Salobreña
Salobreña Beach, Romeria
From Gwyneth Davies, Llanelli
Taken October 2006
View from Salobrena Castle to the Sierra Nevada Mountains
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Junta de los Rios rope bridge and swimming pools
Salobreña Castle to Sierra Nevada
Jean Marie Willers
Tarn-et-Garonne, France
Taken February 2007
River Junction swimming pools
From David Bell
Rotherham, UK
Taken June 2007
Salobreña main beach in August
Salobreña beach
From Maria Trewitt
Byfleet, UK
Taken August 2007
Salobrena castle at night
Salobrena Castle at night
From Sylvie & Jürgen, Germany
Taken September 2007
Salobreña double rainbow
2 rainbows in Salobreña
Dave & Jean Roberts
Sydney, Australia.
Taken November 2007
From a hotel room at the Hotel Salobreña by Trevor Moulson
Lenticular clouds forming over Salobrena
From Hotel Salobreña
Trevor Moulson
Arnside, Cumbria.
Taken January 2008
Lenticular clouds
Y K Liu
Hong Kong, China
Taken March 2008
Almond blossom time
Jaqui Francois
Bordeaux, France.
Taken April 2008
Velez de Benaudalla
Christine Ransford
Salobreña, Spain.
Taken November 2008
Lenticular Clouds
Gillian, Michael Danielsen
January 2009
Parque Fuente Salobreña
José Maria Rodriguez
La Jara,Toledo, Spain
Taken April 2007
Kayak Fishing Contest
Robert Simmons
Hawick, Scotland
Taken June 2009
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